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This is a lantern - for a patio, balcony etc. - with one or two (please note the price difference) hand-engraved glass sides, The engravings can be texts and/or symbols/pictures. The engraving can be chosen indivudually; you can also send me template/references, I will then engrave those into the glass.

Included in the price is the lantern itself. The design of it can vary, since I don't have any lanterns on stock and I may not always get the same one. These lanters are of average size, between 35 and 40 cm high. Consequently the glass on the sides is smaller; a good reference is an A4 sheet of paper.
If needed, we can check up front if the lantern available is acceptable.

Shown in the pictures here are objects I have made for private purposes; when choosing an engraving/template, please mind applicable copyright laws.


Shown here: 

  • White -- Present for a wedding, two sides engraved
  • Black/red/purple -- present for a ruby wedding anniversary (40th anniversary), one side engraved

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